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Of course you should automate your insights work

January 22, 2017

Sam Richardson

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Actions speak louder than words

as we keep talking a lot about creating customer-centric organizations and the importance of bringing the customers to the center of your business. In order for your organization to get a significant commercial effect of your insights work, you have a lot to win by automating the entire process. If not, this is what you will be missing:

  1. The momentum in your business development throughout your organization
  2. The commitment from your organization
  3. The commercial drive that sets you apart from the competition

Importantly, these are all crucial accelerators in successful businesses. However, there are many and extensive benefits of insights automation.

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6 killer reasons to automate your customer insights work:

1. You will keep your customers close.

Knowledge will be fed to you with the latest and customer-based insights on a daily basis.

2. Your entire organization will keep running in the same direction.

A new customer insight might have a different meaning to different stakeholders in your organization. Imagine doing this continuously while using the automated insights process to always distribute relevant insights and the next best actions to relevant decision makers – where the point of action is.

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3. You will have a full understanding of the customer’s symptoms and the root-cause of problems.

Let’s call it a valuable by-product of every customer insight. This new insight can feed directly into product development teams to support continuous innovation and improvements. This often exterminates customer issues that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. You can iteratively prototype, build, test, and adjust accordingly to meet the changing consumer requirements. Iterating fast lets you economically test ideas and change them until you find the recipe to achieve better business outcomes.

4. Less costs and errors.

You substitute human weaknesses with the accuracy of smart and reliable machines. Therefore, you will bypass the expensive costs associated with manual errors and inefficiencies. In addition, automation done right also saves a number of administrative labor costs.

5. Stay updated of the ongoing process.

You will not only have a detailed view of each and every individual and their needs and footprints, but you will also have a bird’s-eye view of your whole insights process and results – wherever and whenever you like.

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6. Spend your time where it generates the best effect.

The automated process will save you a lot of manual hours because you can make changes more quickly and frequently. Therefore, you can spend more time on perfecting the business processes and empowering your colleagues about profit driving daily actions.

Constantly changing consumer habits calls for constantly new insights

The behavior of the consumers and the buying public has changed and will keep changing dramatically. Additionally, consumers can come from any part of the world and they all value very different things. Therefore, this will take a deep understanding of the consumer insights that shape the buying patterns of your customers.

Consequently, without gaining insights into these continuously changing individuals, groups, and their needs and behavior, your organization will never be able to efficiently develop the processes, products and services the consumers want from you. Hence, you risk spending vast amounts of money trying to promote offerings they don’t want in a way that won’t gain their attention.

A speedy process of automated insights supports more relevant decisions. So, you need to accept the fact that needs and behavior today changes often and fast.

7 insights proving the need of automated insights management:

  1. Social media has made the response from consumers quick and unrelenting.
  2. Social media influencers can swiftly “build up” a product that they like to their own circle of influence, or just as easily bring it down.
  3. What appeals to customers one day may not work the next. Consumer-centric marketing is not just a buzzword, it’s hardcore reality.
  4. There is a growing desire for multiplicity and customer experiences are expected to offer more than before. People are craving more active participation.
  5. We want to be hyper efficient. We are seeking ever-smarter and more efficient ways to manage our day and solve issues.
  6. There is a new appreciation of the digital as a source of inspiration. The means to create and participate are now in the hands of everyone.
  7. Personalization is booming. Advances in technology mean that products are able to read consumers and give them what they want; sometimes without even being asked.

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To what level are your customer insights-actions automated today?

Launching products or services without digging into the reasons why consumers want them is putting you out of competition. To become a successful customer-centric business, there are of course a number of tricky tech issues, complex analysis, specific understanding of your industry and more to consider. We are good at that here at Nepa. So, why not get in touch with us and we promise to get you on track.

Ola Bergfeldt
Head of Global Communications