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Get to know your customers with brand health tracking

January 20, 2021

brand health tracking helps you know your customers

Karen Chandler

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Brand health tracking is a key tool for marketers who wants to understand and really get to know both existing and potential customers.

Setting ambitious goals and launching big marketing campaigns without knowing the health of your brand can be detrimental moving forward. But keeping track of how your customers perceive your brand 24/7 is a full time job. Not only do you have to understand how your target groups feel about your brand, you also have to keep track of what your competitors are doing. This is why a continuous tracking of your brand is such an important tool.

Brand tracking works! Just have a look at the top global companies. To stay one step ahead of the competition and to drive sales they let brand tracking steer their marketing activities.

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Brand health tracking is a direct connection to your audience

When brand health tracking is done right you will have a continuous feed of insights into your marketing organisation enabling you to plan, execute and reach marketing goals.

Easy to read dashboards, custom reporting and integration to existing BI systems is essential to make the most of brand health tracking. When planning marketing activities, like a product campaign, metrics from your updated dashboard will reveal your audience desires. These insights ensure that you and your colleagues can make timely strategic and tactical decisions with context and confidence.

So, before you waste any more money on marketing campaigns that might work let brand tracking show you what actually will work. By continuously measuring your audience you will always be ready to launch your next campaign.

Use brand health tracking to optimize campaigns

Although brand health tracking takes a larger scope on your overall brand health, you get the best results when combining brand tracking with campaign tracking.

Campaign tracking looks at how your campaigns perform, but doesn’t tell you how it ties into the overall perception customers have of your brand. Ignoring the bigger picture means you run the risk of missing crucial information regarding what your customers want or need from you.

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Understand your brand before you move on

Brand health tracking ensures you have the correct insights before you set your goals and that you get relevant input before and during your marketing activities. Finally, it lets you evaluate the results of your marketing efforts. Without this information, you are basically in the dark.

To sum up, brand tracking is a measurement that gives you the insights you need to truly understand your brand to drive sales.

If you want to know more about brand health tracking and get the insights you need to optimize your marketing, make sure to contact our brand experts and they’ll tell you all about it.