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Measure what really matters – Facebook perspective

October 23, 2017

Sam Richardson

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The nature of the consumer journeys are getting more complex to understand and new digital advertising products will completely change the role of what traditionally have been seen as the possibilities of digital advertising. This puts high pressure on having reliable measurement solutions focusing on what really matters.

As a global Facebook partner, Nepa recently had the good fortune to attend the Facebook Global Partner Summit in San Francisco. The summit included teams from Facebook, Instagram and Messenger sharing product roadmaps, opportunities for growth and talk about key trends and insights. It was all presented in two days of sessions and discussions on topics related to ad tech and measurement.

As I was taking part of a variety of perspectives within the areas of these topics, it became even more obvious to me that the landscape of marketing measurement is changing rapidly.

In line with this point – my view of the key themes seen in most measurement related sessions were:

  1. The ideal measurement solution comes back to business outcomes
    While there are several proxies of impact out there today, the best evaluation of a campaign performance still always comes back to actual business impact – i.e. sales. Reach, no of viewers, in screen etc. might be good approximations of how to optimize your marketing in detail, but it is always important to tie back to the one and only thing that matters.
  2. Don´t miss your opportunities
    Approaches known for focusing on the holistic perspective, such as Marketing Mix Modeling, will be a key ingredient to make sure to not miss any opportunities as media effectiveness changes rapidly and new ad products come to the market at fast pace.
  3. People based measurement is more important than ever
    The consumer journey becomes more complex, including both online and offline touchpoints mixed together in a nonlinear buying process. Separate silos of offline data and online data will not help to identify the full pattern only seen in single source data. To understand the consumers and the roles of different touchpoints you need tools such as Path to Purchase to cover the full purchase process, from the first to the last interaction.

Marketing Optimization applications should put the client’s money where it matters, not least within digital, where today’s marketing spend is accelerating.

3 steps to marketing effectiveness
Together with our clients, we always develop detailed plans based on these 3 business needs:

  1. How to define customer journeys.
  2. How to make solid decisions on content and media spending.
  3. How to track performance, short- and long-term.

For further information about what we as a global Facebook partner could do for your marketing effectiveness, please contact me.

Andreas Nordfors
Product Director at Nepa