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Brand Tracking is key to increase Brand Awareness

February 24, 2020

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Sam Richardson

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The old saying “out of sight – out of mind” is never as true as when it comes to brand awareness. The brands that consumers are continuously exposed to are the ones that stay top of mind. But how do you know your target audience’s brand awareness, if you don’t use brand tracking?

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is the relationship your audience has with your brand. It therefore includes if people recognize your brand, how they relate to it, what their sentiment regarding your brand is and how they convert to purchase. Having a high brand awareness means people respond well to your brand, are more loyal and also more likely to recommend your brand to their peers. Brand tracking metrics are therefore crucial to making the right brand decisions.

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How do you measure Brand Awareness?

So how do you then measure your brand awareness? The answer is continuous brand tracking! With a good brand tracking method, you are able to understand your audience’s awareness of your brand, and thus know how they interact with it. But your job is not finished by just doing continuous brand tracking.

Challenge when Brand Tracking different consumer groups

You probably sell to many different consumers. Not all of your target groups are likely to have the same brand awareness, so you need to break them down to different niche groups. It could be people in specific geographic regions, of different ages and genders, that have varying educational or income levels.

Brand tracking allows you to get a clearer picture of each group. This in turn gives you relevant information of what your goals should be for each. For one group you might want to keep your current level and focus on performance marketing, while for other groups you might need more targeted efforts. You therefore need to track your brand’s performance with regards to these different consumer groups.

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Nepa understands Brand Tracking

Keeping all these brand metrics relevant, accessible and actionable might seem like a lot of work. But when using Nepa’s proven brand tracking system and taking advantage of the many years of experience we have, recurring brand tracking becomes easy, quick, effective and actually really fun. At every turn of the road, you know what lies ahead, how your audiences respond to your brand and how to keep the right balance between your brand awareness activities and your performance activities.

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